The Final Text Decisions

Using the feedback to look into InDesign typefaces to create a professional result for words to go with my picture book. It took a few goes to get the right look. I needed my font to be received as friendly and gentle and then suddenly burst out with life when the words suggest loud sounds like SMASH. This way the visual aesthetic of my words embody the moods of my characters that connect to the imagery to convey emotions such as fright, anger and enthusiasm.

Having experimented with hand drawn text I had already an interesting composition layout that I felt was fun and had a sense of personality. Rather than blocked on in a predictable format of simple sentences I liked to use the space and guide my reader on a less predictable pathway through my story. To have eyes move fluid like a river through the book.

Here are some before and after experiments:


Typed in Bahnschrift.

bahn example-5


Typed in Century Gothic.

grumpy granny spreads pdf-5


bahn example-8


Experimented with hand drawn element for loud words following the suggested advice from my tutor Anna.

grumpy granny spreads pdf-8

Making sure I got feedback from various friends and tutors before I took my work to any printing stage made a remarkable difference to the quality of my result. Sometimes you have all the ingredients but it takes a someone from outside of the work to suggest the thing that its missing.

The word ‘SMASH!’ has character like I wanted it to have for the scene. Which was to convey the impression of a loud and frightening sudden sound.

A combination of hand drawn and InDesign text in the friendly typeface of ‘century gothic’ was used. I wanted to avoid creating a scary book or one that is stale. So the text needed to convey the love and gentleness of both character throughout to keep it warming and symbolic of the environment of home. This way my book is a pleasing experience that sees through the problems that present themselves in the story.


Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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