Front and Back Cover

My front and back cover of my book went through multiple design possibilities.

I started with using images from within the book and experimented with hand drawn text for the a personal and authentic touch to the title.

Such as these:

front cover exp1front cover exp3



another expFront cover and backfront cover exp 1


From the feedback that I received the grumpy granny watching some TV (shown above) was the best idea I had developed. However I quickly grew to dislike reusing an image from within the book. So I decided to recreate a new interpretation of grumpy granny using that image as an idea. This way the pages within the book can remain a new experience for my readers.

This lead to this design:


Image placed on to the spread but needed a better placement:

front n back

My final front and back cover design:

I wanted to fill the spread with colour to achieve a striking and fully entertaining result.

I developed the idea to reuse the front image to make the back image. In fact this made the spread work as a whole really nicely.

The process involved setting the placement of the front image, cropping it to size then I duplicating the square image and flipping it to produce the back. When these two pieces where fitted together I then used the content aware of the spot healing tool to create a tidy result that I was after. This was to avoid the unwanted line between the pieces placed side by side on the spine area to make the images come together as one piece.

front and back coverGrumpy Granny Front and Back cover


new text try out

This is the hand drawn text from the front cover. I really enjoyed getting into the emotion of each letter. By turning the scanned image white background to transparent I was able place just text onto my desired background image.




Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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