Ideas for my Text

Having had a little think about how I wanted to go about developing the text to implement with my images.

I considered using my own custom typeface having been introduced to this option in Georgina’s Typeface workshop earlier in the year.

Or experimenting with my own hand drawn typeface.

Or both.

However, I made my decision to go with hand drawing my text following my urge to put my own emotion into the work and to reduce the disconnecting time of fiddling around with text using a less familiar software InDesign.

This way I could feel each letter and design it exactly to how I am thinking it freely and without overcomplicated it by treating the text with energy and acceptance as I had done so with my image making.

I used my A3 scanned copies of my page spreads, with A3 tracing paper overlayed and secured down with masking paper to draw onto to achieve my perspective of image and text composition in collaboration.

Using the A3 light box I transferred my text designs from my tracing papers to paper and then scanned them in for editing.

Using Photoshop to manipulate this image.

The editing process like with the images involved cropping and cleaning up. The colour of the scans had to be adjusted using curves to emphasise the white background and grey of the pencil hand writing to a strengthened black colour. This way the contrast was strong and made it easier for the software to separate the black from the white into two seperate layers. I reused this really useful tutorial that has helped me time and time again with separating my drawing from the white background that it was originally produced on.

From this tutorial I achieved my text to be on a transparent background so that it can be easily overlayed as a separate layer over my spread images.

See my results in my next post.








Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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