Children’s Book Development

The latest work that I have produced for my project works with my concept of Wishes, Grandma and Gods that all began with my inspiration of Autumn and recognition of my current interests. I believe my idea of developing gods into my story was influenced from my reading that I had come across for my Dissertation based on the investigation into the unconscious thinking process expressed in drawing. When I encountered this extract from Artist Susan Sauerbrun’s statement:

‘Why worry about the mundane tasks of living when I can waltz with the gods and goddesses in the color fields on the plane of the collective unconscious?’.

Sauerbrun’s statement inspires the adoption of an immersive contribution of the unconscious and attributed creative imagination spurred from a personal and inborn collection of knowledge. To create and play in the creative freedom to which this unconscious process of thinking in drawing offers, unlike the logical and rational confinements characterised to the conscious approach to thinking.

Below are my latest image making conceptualizations following the Feedback that tutor and illustrator Chris Glynn provided me.

Sequential images representing –

The Present: 

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(1. Granddaughter collecting leaves with Grandma. The tree is a magic tree with a portal for sending messages to the Gods. 2. Granddaughter and Grandma relaxing. Granddaughter wants to know why Grandma likes leaves so much. 3. Grandma takes Granddaughter to the shed. The shed has scare-owls surrounding the shed. 4. Granddaughter inspects the Grandmas scare-owls. 5. Grandma’s shed reveals to be a workshop. 6. Grandma has to securely lock the door from the inside to prevent any intrudors from taking any of Grandma’s leaves (messages) to evil queen. 7. Grandma tells Granddaughter all about the story of the leaf and her experience of the owl gods.)

Grandma’s Story of the Past:

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(1. Orphan child (Grandma’s younger self) hears a sharp sound in the night, only she is awoken by the sound and no one else can hear it. 2. Child goes to the window to find an owl tapping at the window. 3. Concerned about the owl at the window the child puts on her coat and boots and prepares herself for the cold outdoors. 4. The child follows the owl that leads her into the cold forest. 5. The child comes across a house she hadn’t see before. The house was surrounded with a flock of owls and their was a light coming from insight the building. 6. Inside the building the child finds a very large owl with human features that seemed injured. 7. The child pulls an arrow from the owl. 8. The thankful owl takes the girl for a fly. 9. The owl hands the girl a pair of glasses and instructed the girl to now take a look at the stars. 10. The girl whilst lying down on a mountain side with the Owl God goes to put on the glasses. 11. When the glasses are on the girl jumps with surprise to see a perception of the stars are now dancing gods in the sky.)

 Further working images:

This is the concept of an evil fallen human god turned ruler of wishes on Earth. Her besotted God catcher partner to the right follows her every command.
This sequence of images were based on my original ideas surrounding the portal of the tree that could lead to the calling of Gods to answer three wishes.

Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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