Summer Try Outs

Below is a selection of what I feel are my three most successful experiments complete over the Summer break before the initiation of my most successful and pleasing poem based projects.

I was in search of selecting a more comfortable and preferable angle of context that works for me. I was looking for text that would spark lots of ideas and it had to create an environment where both text and image are exciting. I looked into the history of old fables and the idea of reviving their time and stories to the audiences of today.

This was a direct watercolour then fine liner study for a fable selected from a book I borrowed from the library. I found that although the stories were short they were still more reading required than I would usually desire to carry out. I have learnt that to keep me entertained it is best to read and illustrate for small text extracts at a time as it keeps me interested in what will happen next and the energy is fresh in the image made at the most recent time of conceptualization. I used the media in this way without the initial foundation of pencil guidance with the pencil draft used as a reference on a separate paper because I wanted there to be a loose aesthetic with the brush and to allow for quirks in the forms which add to the unique and spontaneous energy of the image inspired by Quentin Blake’s approach.




pour me no more
This was an editorial project to illustrate for the growing concerns of alcohol related deaths. I enjoyed the research into the documentaries on YouTube that showed the results of the addiction of alcohol on various individuals lives as it was a topic that interested me. The reason this subject interested me is because addictive behaviours have their unique reasons in each individuals unique experiences and the opening of such issues are important. I drew this image out initially with pencil followed by colouring with watercolours and completed with the fine liner outlines. Once the image was scanned in to my computer I used some refreshed Photoshop skills to simply cut just the illustration out from the background and transferred to a white new page. The success of this image is that the image speaks of the dangers of drinking with the connection to death depicted in the skeleton mass of bodies collecting in the bottle. Replacing the liquid with the mass of bodies hopes to hit the audience with the reality of the consequences of drinking addictions.
cluck red 1
This is an illustration that I approached again with the direct use of watercolour then complete with the fine liner. I have learnt that the elimination of the rough pencil outline foundation that I would usually use has made no difference to my approach to my painting. This image is a part of my Chicken collection postcards inspired by the works of newly found illustrator Lorna Scobie.  I have enjoyed the eye-opening topic of learning more about the beauty in the variation that nature offers us. I have also improved my Photoshop skills where I am able to enhance my scanned images of my traditional paintings to highlight the illumination and depth of the colours I want to achieve on-screen and the transferral of the painting onto a professional clean white background. The modification to the background is an effective solution to removing the unwanted shadows (see scanned result in image one) of uneven paper that is affected once in contact with water that is used onto the surface when painting. This also draws the attention to a solid image and focal point without distraction.

Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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