A Good Start

Ok so over the Summer as you may know I have explored the numerous angles of approach in terms of context hunting for the best area of text resource that inspires me the most. As I’m not a heavy reader but really enjoy smaller reads I wanted something simple and fun so the poems was the best category of reading that I was pulled towards. I remember from my childhood the effects of poems and how they fostered warmth, smiles and laughter to my family.

I created two simple zines consisting of 8 pages each made up of a folded A3 paper pulled from my sketchbook. You can see these zines and find out more about why I chose and what I hope to achieve with my outcomes on my website here and here.

Or see them in Gif format below:

These images illustrate the poem ‘A Worm In My Pocket’ written by Jodee Samano.
These images illustrate the poem ‘If I were…’ written by Eva. L. Robinson.

In terms of development:

The purpose of these poem projects was to test my ability to come up with ideas and to exhibit the standard of quality in my end results. I have learnt that poems get me thinking creatively and also challenge me to produce something unique. From the results I have achieved I feel they are a delight and make a proud starting point to a journey in which I intend to develop much stronger images. What is working right now is the size of these stories that make a wonderful simple and attractive zine to read that takes two seconds and gives pays my readers with a smile back. What I would like to do however to improve any project for next time that I wish to explore is to develop my process quality. I am currently sitting on the translucent and muted effects of watercolours but I have a gut feeling that this is not where my work wants to sit forever. I know I have got more in me to produce better than this. I have ideas of investigating other paint materials like acrylic and oil and also paint brush size, shapes and textures to achieve more realistic and detailed results. Sometimes it is hard to know what you really want that’s itching at you but hard to hear.

At this stage I need to work larger and find artists who inspire me with their traditional paintings.


Summer Try Outs

Below is a selection of what I feel are my three most successful experiments complete over the Summer break before the initiation of my most successful and pleasing poem based projects.

I was in search of selecting a more comfortable and preferable angle of context that works for me. I was looking for text that would spark lots of ideas and it had to create an environment where both text and image are exciting. I looked into the history of old fables and the idea of reviving their time and stories to the audiences of today.

This was a direct watercolour then fine liner study for a fable selected from a book I borrowed from the library. I found that although the stories were short they were still more reading required than I would usually desire to carry out. I have learnt that to keep me entertained it is best to read and illustrate for small text extracts at a time as it keeps me interested in what will happen next and the energy is fresh in the image made at the most recent time of conceptualization. I used the media in this way without the initial foundation of pencil guidance with the pencil draft used as a reference on a separate paper because I wanted there to be a loose aesthetic with the brush and to allow for quirks in the forms which add to the unique and spontaneous energy of the image inspired by Quentin Blake’s approach.




pour me no more
This was an editorial project to illustrate for the growing concerns of alcohol related deaths. I enjoyed the research into the documentaries on YouTube that showed the results of the addiction of alcohol on various individuals lives as it was a topic that interested me. The reason this subject interested me is because addictive behaviours have their unique reasons in each individuals unique experiences and the opening of such issues are important. I drew this image out initially with pencil followed by colouring with watercolours and completed with the fine liner outlines. Once the image was scanned in to my computer I used some refreshed Photoshop skills to simply cut just the illustration out from the background and transferred to a white new page. The success of this image is that the image speaks of the dangers of drinking with the connection to death depicted in the skeleton mass of bodies collecting in the bottle. Replacing the liquid with the mass of bodies hopes to hit the audience with the reality of the consequences of drinking addictions.
cluck red 1
This is an illustration that I approached again with the direct use of watercolour then complete with the fine liner. I have learnt that the elimination of the rough pencil outline foundation that I would usually use has made no difference to my approach to my painting. This image is a part of my Chicken collection postcards inspired by the works of newly found illustrator Lorna Scobie.  I have enjoyed the eye-opening topic of learning more about the beauty in the variation that nature offers us. I have also improved my Photoshop skills where I am able to enhance my scanned images of my traditional paintings to highlight the illumination and depth of the colours I want to achieve on-screen and the transferral of the painting onto a professional clean white background. The modification to the background is an effective solution to removing the unwanted shadows (see scanned result in image one) of uneven paper that is affected once in contact with water that is used onto the surface when painting. This also draws the attention to a solid image and focal point without distraction.

My Summer Work

Over Summer I have initiated numerous projects that is centred around my selected process of pencil>watercolour>pen(ink). I have learnt to allow my creative freedom to be expressive in all forms of these media to step into a world of surprises and enjoy and entrust my individual instinctive approach to the making of illustrations.

Out of all the paths I have explored including illustrating for old fables, news articles, website illustrations, postcards and charity focused topics. In terms of context hunting I have found that the current field of children’s poems are a delight to read and create for. I am finding my resource of children’s poems from this found website: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poems/. Using this website I have access to small and interesting intricate poems that teach us lessons about life through the experience of others. By looking at the world through poems I am learning how the stories release me to the discovery of stories that are humble and out of the ordinary crafted with an attractive short and sweet composition making them an easy read that is less demanding and more appealing to the reader to relax and enjoy. With children’s poems in particular I am attracted to the innocent nature, wild imagination and energy that is characterised with this audience which has worked to stimulate my mind’s eye interpretation to the concepts of these enjoyable and amusing reads.

Head over to my Summer Try Outs for images of my projects from before my latest poem focused work.