Llandaff Gift Shop

On the 3rd of July 2017 as well as firstly stopping by to the Llandaff Cathedral I walked on over to the near local shopping village to make my way over to a local art gallery that was unfortunately shut on that day. As I was walking through the village a particular window display caught my attention. Below is a picture of the gift shop I visited called ‘HALLS’.


In this gift shop these items interested me:


This is a Birthday occasion card for a boy’s birthday illustrated by Quentin Blake. I inspire to play with watercolours then to attach the definition with this sketchy refinement seen scribbled in ink lines to finish as easily read from this demonstration here. This method of practice would give me room to maintain my sketchy approach both in colour and refinement and meet professional expectation as achieved by Quentin. I would like to also take my step into this pride in the world exposed to my process of making with sketches that live in this state of a raw language that is sketch. To reveal the spontaneous catapults of the most personal results of thinking derived from the interrelationship of the individual’s mind and line performance.

Key acknowledgment: The reveal of process as product.

I am pulled to the quirky objects that had an allowance for creative imperfect completions that celebrated and stood out infused with a life in the mess of their making. The shapes and lines of their expressive forms exposed a sense of dance in their freedom and makers enjoyment of the individualism that I would like to pursue and take charge of in my own illustrative pursuit.

Llandaff Cathedral

In the start of my Summer I have been visually exploring sites of interest in my hometown Cardiff that I feel may have needed a revisit and a closer investigation for hidden charms resting in these magical sites of Welsh history.

Firstly on the 3rd of July I set out on a walk to the lovely Llandaff Cathedral. The Cathedral is very beautiful and well looked after I could see that it was a very important building to the locals who were working there. To be selective from the collection of photographs I had taken there I have chosen to pick this image shown below as a key source of inspiration that I gained from this visit.

This is a close up shot of a decorative piece of wooden furniture. I am not sure how old it is but I really admire the thought that has gone into the detail to achieve the unique aesthetic qualities of this gorgeous cabinet/chest. What I really enjoy about the carved illustrations of this piece is that I imagine that they have individual meanings and stories that together synthesizes to enforce a positive presence in its environment and to those who see it.

Key acknowledgment from this find:  the joys of symbolism to make people happy in each and combined whole image.