Biographies Practical Development 1

I did loads of development work for this project so it may take up quite a few blogs.

I firstly experimented with character designing using water colours and my research on the people in the story to inform and construct their personalities effectively through my work. I did a lot of reading up on the details of the characters so I could get to know them.

This was my very initial development work (shown below) that I completed in my sketchbook. I started picturing the very beginning of Ada’s story with the characteristics of her parents. Then I moved on to more substantial scenes in Ada’s life for example the moment when she first met Charles Babbage the man that introduced her to his marvelous invention that spurred her successful work on the Analytical Engine, creating the first ever computer programme.



Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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