Future Generations Conference Day 2 – Workshops

On Tuesday the 19th of January I took part in two self-selected collaborative workshops exploring the Future Generations themes issued on the previous day of inspiring and informative seminars and lectures led by guest speakers and CSAD tutors. These workshops functions as an experience of the challenges and delights of collaboration.

The workshops I took part in:

  1. Illustrating the future.
  2. Stone, Stick and Box.

Illustrating the future workshop experience: 

Illustrating the future workshope - group work by Me, Zack and Lizzie.
Illustrating the future workshop – group work by Me, Zack and Lizzie.

The leader of this workshop Chris Glynn provided my group of three with materials to initiate a collaborative illustration piece through the encouraged discussions of stimulated ideas we had independently generated from the previous day of resourceful seminars and lectures.

I took this opportunity to work with my friends Zack Rees and Lizzie Tree who I haven’t worked with before and who I will be moving in with at the end of the year. Talking to these also illustration students was easy going being a happy and chirpy bunch and our ideas all bounced of each other’s which made the project fun and run smoothly.

Chris’s plan was for us to make a piece either finished or uncompleted for the next group after us to interpret and work with.

As a group we promoted creativity and the arts as a wonderful, magical and exciting feature of our world that has an incredibly important role and advertised an encouraged awareness of arts presence in everything around us.

We believe the creative potential within our future generations to further innovate and invent should never be neglected or seen as something less important to the world than subjects like Math, Science and English. What we invent and how we innovate creatively helps us to be more sustainable and develop an ever changing spontaneous and exciting world linked most importantly to our overall happiness and well-being living on Earth.

As a result of discussion we each enjoyed using a part of the A1 page to express and remind our non-artists viewers of the deep value we have today for the arts and creativity present in the world today and to help them realise the potential that the arts offers within the capabilities of our future generations. Art has an all mighty power of the potential to change the world and art is way of people expressing themselves when just speaking out in a street just doesn’t get heard. Great inventions is what gets makers and a country heard of and countries care about what represents it and tourism is always an important and the delight to a country which gives it strength and confidence.

Our project was a direct response to the Arts and culture of Cardiff facing a potential funding crisis. We wanted to raise our voice through visual stimuli immediately. – http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/cardiffs-international-reputation-arts-could-10690441

Stone, Stick and Box workshop experience: 

For this workshop I took part in three collaborative based activities.

First task: I was involved in a group of five with people who I didn’t know who are also from the first year of CSAD studying a range of disciplines. We had to balance a stick of bamboo on our index fingers and close our eyes in a race with the first group to get there bamboo stick safely to the ground without dropping it winning the challenge. This was a difficult task which I sensed before its initiation. The problems that we faced were that because of the awkward un-straight shape of the bamboo stick it was difficult for some of us on one end of the stick to sense how fast the other side of the stick were lowering the stick. We certainly had issues with one side getting lowered faster than the other side but we did manage to complete the task successfully after a few attempts, I’m not sure if we won but I think we came close. Experiential learning and making mistakes is what led us to the successfully completion of the challenge.

Second task: The second task involved me partnering up with someone who I didn’t know and who I’ve forgotten the name of from a different disciplinary from first year CSAD. We had to each use a gutter tube in a race to roll a ball to a bucket that was placed at the end of the room. The rule was that we couldn’t walk with the ball in our tube it was a case of repeatedly passing it on to each other for it to travel the distance from the starting point to the finish. We lost the race and I admit that I was so bad at this task and I felt quite bad for the person who I was working with having to deal with my appalling effort. I did feel under pressure as we were the first race competing with another team with an audience watching us. I’m sure though if I had more practice I would have been more useful.

Third task: For the third and final task I was put into a group of four, again with strangers from other disciplines also studying their first year in CSAD. The task that we were given was a competition between us and the other groups to create an invention using the supplied masking tape, papers and scissors to prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from the upper floor to the floor below. With the amount of supplies that we had available to us it was a very easy task and each individual in the group was confident in sharing their ideas of approach to the task which we all took on board with our successful joint winning collaborative project.

Video of our egg protection collaborative project. Out of all the team projects ours hit the floor with the most impact however our packaging design worked successfully as the egg survived unharmed.


How did I find the conference day 2:

I found the day enjoyable, informative and a very useful experience. I was provided a lot of tips and advice about working collaboratively throughout the projects by the workshop leaders which I have taken on board and put into practice which will be used and relevant in my upcoming collaborative projects. I really like taking part in creative projects, socialisation and meeting new people was a nice warming confidence building experience.


Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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