Visual Thinking – Philosophy café ‘walkshop’

On Thursday the 26th of November (2015) I took part in the ‘Philosophy café walkshop’ exercise led by Professor Clive Cazeaux.

The summary of this exercise:

Walking contributes to thinking. It moves you though an environment, gives you an ever-changing sensory field, allows the mind to wander, and encourages conversation.

This is a ‘walkshop’ through Bute Park to Chapter Arts Centre for morning coffee to review the session’s so far in preparation for my group formative presentations in the next two weeks.

We shall look at the ways in which you are conducting your studies and exploring ideas. We shall also be considering the physical properties of writing, and the contribution that writing makes to your studies.

In preparation for the ‘walkshop’:

Reflect on the forms or technologies you are using in exploring the ideas in this option, for example, notes, marked-up texts, writing, diagrams, indexical drawings, photographs, other artefacts. Bring ideas for the kind of presentation, exhibition or performance you would like to do in your groups in the next two weeks.

About the formative presentation: 

On the 3rd of December I will be conducting my formative presentation where I and my team will be presenting to Clive and the class informing to the audience what we think of one of the topics of the Visual Thinking seminars that we learnt about. It is a ten minute presentation and a fifteen minute Q&A.

My chosen group members where my good friends:

  • Skah Jay
  • Kristofer Doyle
  • Ariel Győri

We were put into a suggestively picked topic by Clive to base our presentation on the ‘Greetings, phone-beings’ topic which we were pleased with as we all particularly enjoyed this technology based study.

Arriving at the Chapter Arts Centre: 


Picture I took when I arrived at the Chapter Arts Centre.
Picture I took when I arrived at the Chapter Arts Centre.
Picture I took when I arrived at the Chapter Arts Centre.
Picture I took when I arrived at the Chapter Arts Centre. Clive in the blue coat!
Picture I took when I arrived at the Chapter Arts Centre.
Picture I took when I arrived at the Chapter Arts Centre.


The Chapter Arts Centre was a lovely and lively place that was beautifully decorated with artworks and lots of colours with big spacious rooms and a café that was comfy and cosy. Despite there being just me and Ariel present in this activity today from our group, we managed really well to get a lot of conversation flowing as we made our plans for the presentation taking place next week.

We developed as a starting point a series of ideas of what we could focus on in this versatile topic in the form of questions related to the ‘phone-beings’ topic to be later addressed by a full attendance of the group using a group chat that I set up on Facebook. This way we could efficiently communicate when we were all available without the expense of meeting up in University physically later that day.

Key Questions – Preparation for the presentation:

  • Are we going to focus on the bad or good factors of being phone-beings and cyborgs? Which interests us most?
  • How much do we already know about this topic individually?
  • What are our opinions on the advances of technology on our social interactions with people? Efficient communication good and bad factors.
  • Is there an important message within this topic that we need to bring to people’s awareness?
  • Is all this technology harming our health?
  • Should we create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint to present relevant imagery to further engage our audience?
  • How should we present ourselves in the space provided to us?

From this preparation we completed at the Chapter Arts Centre Café me and Ariel both felt keen on the idea of producing the presentation based on the bad factors of being phone-beings/cyborgs with a focus particularly on the social interaction side effects we feel we witness extensively today.

We realise and feel it is terribly important that we need to address to our fellow cyborgs our equal concerns of the addictive technology of smart phones and tablets that are creating a sad loss of real social interaction that needs to be realised and brought to an immediate awareness.

Relevant illustrations based on this ideology:






































Later that day, full group attendance chat on Facebook preparing for the next weeks presentation: 

The agreed question for the presentation to get the audience thinking and for us to address and persuade:

Is technology becoming too much in terms of social interaction today? 

We believe it is and here’s why:

Our points and plans:

  • It’s like a 3rd arm, very addictive.
  • We over use the luxuries of technology, we block the chances to interact and connect with people which is one of the most beautiful parts of the human experience in life.
  • People don’t use technology appropriately.
  • In families nowadays to entertain the kids they usually leave them to play there games and this creates a lack of connection, then the next thing you know the kids are old enough to move out and then there gone.
  • A lack of playing outside in children.
  • Phones are necessary evil.
  • – A link to an advert that I saw on TV recently that I felt really related well to the loss of important and meaningful family socialisation. A loss of emotional connections.
  • The technology is very powerfully grabbing our attention.
  • Where are the emotional connections anymore, people need this.
  • Tech is quite scary how addictive it’s becoming.
  • We feel it needs to be used every now and then not extensively all day every day.
  • We plan on showing the videos to the class. Including this video showing extreme technology advancements to human kind taking over our lives. Will the devices turn into this world in the future, will they service us too much. Over servicing. – (Remember what happened when the screen got shut off, they didn’t even know there was a pool – the tech did there seeing for them, did there walking, everything, stole their sight to an extreme, its channelling them to only see what it thinks we want).
  • Designers of phones and technological devices are thinking of every service to offer to us. Are they over doing it?
  • Phones are control freaks.
  • The most important thing to make people realise now is the realisation of what is happening and we need to bring up generations wary of this.
  • We need to keep people safe, safe from themselves and the developments (over developments) of technological services.
  • We are talking only about luxury tech.
  • We’re cyborgs every time we look at a computer screen or use one of our phone devices. We are button clicking cyborgs, these days we don’t have proper conversations and interactions with people because we’re too busy worrying about social media and taking selfies.
  • The disconnection between people because of technology addictively coming between it.
  • We care too much of our virtual selves, our virtual image and life, and the addiction to seeing others’ lives paying so much attention to it and losing out on time that could of been put towards being productive. Without this addiction it would increase our confidence and take us to fulfilling our dreams faster and more productivity is more of a fulfilling life.
  • It slows down our life achievements, and might be taking out what we would have achieved if we had of put our heads down, all I’m saying is we need self-control.
  • Don’t let an addiction take such a chunk out of our time in our day. I am worried for the future I know the urges of going on Facebook.
  • My phone is always around me everywhere I go, it might as well be a part of my person.
  • If we were all band from social media or using our phones for a few hours? A few days? Who would struggle? Everyone.
  • A lack of real life connections, we need to take control of our lives wisely.
  • I must go on my Facebook about 50 times a day and I think it’s going to get worse unless I do something.
  • If there was a counter to see how many times we each had accessed Facebook in a day the results would be shocking.
  • We’re losing out on the pure traditional ways of communicating.
  • (Kristofer is going to find facts find about addictive social media and how much people use them).

Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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