Visual Thinking – Formative Presentation

On Thursday the 3rd of December I and my team conducted our presentation to the audience of the Visual Thinking leader Professor Clive Cazeaux and the other students of the study group present that day.

As Skah was ill on this day myself, Ariel and Kristofer carried out the presentation to the best of our ability despite there being a few nerves and stage fright worries in the group. After about five minutes into the presentation when the nerves settled we were flowing with ideas and thoughts to put across to the audience in a driven effort of persuading them of our argument.

We all equally took part in verbalising our shared beliefs of this phone-beings concern and the videos worked great with gaining the attention of the audience that enforced our statements. When it was time for the 15 minute Q&A session at the end of our presentation we had the attention of many of the students and Clive taking part in discussions with us which created a really engaging and lively atmosphere with an obvious and successful grasp of interest.

We feel we were the best presentation out of the presentations that were completed that day. We were equipped with a lot of strong statements produced from all members of the group and we worked efficiently and fantastically well together. I feel that we persuaded the audience effectively with the gain of a shared agreement of the concerns of technology being addictive and it creating a loss of real social interaction quite excessively today and this being something that we have all individually witnessed or felt a part of. Therefore in the success of this presentation we have raised an awareness of the addiction to phones and devices and encouraged productivity and physical activities for a more fulfilling life.

To have improved this presentation I believe that a PowerPoint slide show of phone and tablet addiction related illustrations running as we talked would have empowered our statements further. The fact that other artists are seeing what we see and feeling what we feel is another voice to add to our team. Seeing is believing and a series of powerful illustrations would help the audience to recognise what they might not have fully realised as the extent of this addiction issue.

An example of a phone addiction illustration. Source:
An example of a phone addiction illustration.

Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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