Carrying on with the ’50 Artefacts in Time’ Project

On the 26th September (Saturday) I revisited the National Museum of Wales to complete more observational drawings of Artefacts (man-made objects) for my first project ‘50 Artefacts in Time.’ Again I explored and experimented with various media and techniques, whilst keeping in mind the suggestions from the briefing such as drawing from various viewpoints and angles to achieve different perspectives and testing with different ways of seeing. This task is designed so that I explore media and techniques and to obtain and to understand primary research.

Primary Research Definition:

Experiments, investigations, or tests carried out to acquire data first-hand, rather than being gathered from published sources.

(Source of Primary research definition:

Secondary Research Definition:

Secondary research (desk research) involves gathering existing data that has already been produced. For example, researching the internet, newspapers and company reports.

(Source of Secondary Research Definition:

My work:

Mixed media studies of artefacts, created on the way to the museum, outside of the museum and inside the museum. I enjoyed adding my own ideas of what I imagined was being said or thought in Joshua Reynold’s painting ‘Charlotte, Lady Williams – Wynn and her Children’ and with the statue in the park opposite the museum called ‘Girl’ by Robert Thomas as I imagined it as a victim of boredom. This is how I translated the artwork from looking at them visually in front of me.
With these mixed media drawings of artefacts that I created within the National Museum of Wales, I explored various transitions of viewpoints and I zoomed in to get a closer perspective. Adding wet media later when I was at home.
Mixed media observational drawings completed within the museum. Using the suggestion from the briefing I learnt from drawing the same artefact more than once but using the media in a different method shown with the otherworldly pot contrasting studies (bottom left). I created my first ever drawing using a method of drawing known as circulism shown to the bottom right which was great fun. The multiple studies of the piece entitled ‘A Young Fawn’ also helped me unravel energy and hidden narratives in time.
Here I changed and documented the various angles of my view of Winifred Turner's Earthenware piece named 'A Young Fawn' created in 1929. I stood their scanning and scrutinizing the charming piece. I also zoomed in and illustrated a close up of the Fawn.
Here I changed and documented the various angles of my view of Winifred Turner’s Earthenware piece named ‘A Young Fawn’ created in 1929. I stood their scanning and scrutinizing the charming piece. I also zoomed in and illustrated a close up of the Fawn.
I found this drawing technique known as circulism to be really enjoyable and out of the ordinary.
Mixed media studies: Pencil, pen and soft pastels. Close ups, cropping, staring and admiring.
I saw beauty without the society’s ideology of the perfect female form with this sculptured piece.
Mixed media studies and definitely an interesting hidden meaning of the silver sculpture to the bottom right entitled ‘Fractured’ by Kevin Grey. It was inspired by the claustrophobic working conditions of coal mining and it refers to a coal mining accident where four minors died. The four clear piecing’s of silver plates in the sculpture is linking to the number of people that died within the accident but at first glance and without reading the description about the piece I had no idea that it was based on a coal mining accident and life.
Mixed media studies and I followed a guideline on the briefing that mentioned changing the grounds that I worked on. So I used black card on one page and I tea stained the other. I feel the tea stain tones of sepia colours reminding me of aged book papers works well with the historic theme of artefacts discovered within the museum.
Soft white pastel outline drawing on black card based on a small bronze sculpture entitled ‘Satyr on a seahorse’ produced in the 17th Century. Full of character and mythological charm and wonder.
I love to wash the ink around taken from my fluid pen drawings later on after the museum where I am able to bring out wet media. Bringing out the shadows subtly created a more three dimensional and impressive aesthetic.
This was a jelly fish sculpture made from silver that was impressively supporting its big bulky body using it’s carefully placed and constructed arms. I used a black pen for this drawing and later tried something totally different by creating a wash for the background of the piece and not typically working within the subject itself. I also had the idea of drawing some parallel line work for an interesting effect for the surroundings of the jellyfish which I really like.
Here is the final page of illustrations completing the ’50 Artefacts in time’ project. On this page I created a variety of outline drawings and experimented again with different perspectives like altering the angle, cropping, focusing and zooming.



Author: ellosweetmellon

I am 21 years old and I live in Cardif. My dream is to be a great illustrator that can sell and exhibit my work with pride.

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